Advocacy Update: QBCC Updates Technical Qualifications for Licensing

16th December 2022

Santa has arrived a little early at BDQ and we couldn’t be happier. After nine months of numerous letters to the Minister, meetings with senior Department of Energy and Public Works (DEPW) staff and using every other advocacy avenue known, DEPW have today confirmed that the Diploma of Building Design CPP50911 as a qualification will be recognised by the QBCC for Building Design low rise and medium rise licence classes.

There has been significant time investment by the BDQ Executive, Executive Manager Rob Bebrouth, and Advocacy Chair Owen Kleidon to reach this result and we would like to thank Anne Neundorf, Anastasia Tritchler and Samantha Giles from DEPW for their persistence, patience and understanding.

There will be many students who have recently completed CPP50911 that will now be celebrating the fact that their career pathway has now been reinstated – an outstanding result achieved by the BDQ team.

All previous applicants for Building Design low rise or medium rise licences that had their application denied because CPP50911 was not recognised are strongly encouraged to reapply. The year long wait is now over.