BDQ Members Vote to Include Building Design Industry Professionals

18th August 2022

BDQ is excited to announce that today members voted unanimously in favour of allowing a wider community of Building Design Industry Professionals to become full members of the association.


This change to the structure of BDQ membership classes is the result of collaboration between Management Committee and members and has been in the works since late 2021.


The new membership structure will allow other Building Design Industry Professionals to join as Full members, give them voting rights at all meetings and allow them to hold positions like branch delegate, and State secretary or treasurer.


More importantly, the changes are symbolic of the BDQ community spirit, which has seen many allied industry professionals, such as building certifiers, engineers, interior designers, emerging designers, energy assessors and more, join and participate in the organisation in recent years.


Building a like-minded community means BDQ members will have a network of professionals to call on throughout their careers, benefitting not only Building Designers, but also the Building Design industry at large.