BDQ Welcomes C2CPRO as Platinum Partner

25th November 2022

We're excited to welcome the team at C2CPRO to the BDQ family as our newest Platinum Partner! 

C2C Pro have created a game-changing digital tool that radically improves the design process, putting everyone on the same page from the start and improving transparency from concept to completion.

Along with the Construction Management Contract, the many features offered within C2CPROject Flow offer all stakeholders radically improved transparency, savings and security. Their one digital platform and 7 easy steps allows all parties on a building project to collaborate in one place, greatly improving design efficiency, project outcomes, customer satisfaction and builder stress.

There is no doubt about it: C2CPRO is a big win for the industry, and BDQ is looking forward to working with the team to bring more value to our memebrs during this turbulent time in the industry.

While C2CPRO is the first BDQ partner within their categroy, they're just one of our growing base of professional service providers who are helping us provide a more well-rounded professional network to members.