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Building designers are qualified and experienced industry professionals responsible for the functional and aesthetic design of a residential home or commercial building. To achieve the optimal building design outcome for every project, they may collaborate with a range of other specialist professionals such as assessors, surveyors and planners. Together, they are all are trained in, and compliant with, all relevant planning and building regulations.

The benefits of partnering with a BDQ Member

You’ll know you’re working with the best of the best

BDQ members are at the forefront of the building design industry, with the skills, knowledge, experience and practical expertise that puts them ahead of the rest.

You can depend on their honesty and reliability

Every BDQ member has committed to our Code of Conduct that binds them to collaborating with you in an honest, reliable and realistic manner throughout the entire project.

You’ll have confidence that they’re educated and up to date

We equip our members with industry-leading education through our Continuing Professional Development program, and keep them updated on all industry changes and regulations.

They’ll be just as invested in your project as you are

Our members pride themselves on delivering project outcomes that stand the test of time for aesthetics, innovation and function.

They’re committed to making Queensland communities better

Members are involved in influencing policy and legislation that’s shaping the future of our state’s built environment.

Choose a BDQ Member for your next project.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable industry expert.


Licencing Requirements for Building Designers

To operate in Queensland, building designers are required to hold a licence issued by the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC). To qualify for a licence, building designers must:

  • Meet a minimum standard of formal education and professional insurance
  • Possess industry experience commensurate with the licence type applied for

Low-rise Licence

  • Detached residential
  • Small commercial

More info on QBCC Low-rise Licence Requirements

Medium-rise Licence

  • Multi-storey residential & commercial building
  • 2-3 storeys depending on building type

More info on QBCC Medium-rise Licence Requirements

Open Licence

  • Any residential & commercial building
  • Any height or floor area

More info on QBCC Open Licence Requirements

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